Celebrate 10 Years of Awesome with Wendi & Lucas

July 6th, 2019

You are cordially invited to join us (Lucas and Wendi!) to celebrate our 10 years together as two humans married to one another on this planet. We’re inviting all of the people who have touched our lives over the years, so of course you know that we couldn’t throw this party without YOU!

We really hope you can join us!


Arriving at Casa de Awesome

Our address is
15903 SE Oatfield Road
Oak Grove, OR 97267

You can’t see the Casa from the street, and the turn into our driveway is sharp and somewhat steep, so be careful and go slowly once you near our house. It's immediately after the Thiessen intersection.

We have lots of parking in the circular drive, but if that’s full you’ll need to find street parking further down on Oatfield or up on Thiessen.


Please don’t drink and drive! We have lots of space at the Casa, so if you’d like to stay with us, simply let us know in advance and we’ll make up a room for you.


It wouldn’t be one of our parties if we didn’t have a twist. We’ve devised a game that celebrates all of our friendships and the adventures we’ve had called How Do You Know Wendi and Lucas? This question will trigger the player to now tell the story of how they know us using the names, places, quotes, situations, etc. from actual experiences we have had with at least one of the people present. These prompts will be created by Wendi and given to each player before the event. The player can tell the story with whatever embellishments they like, but they must use the words they were given before the party. To add a little extra fun, we (Lucas and Wendi) will have the power to interject when we hear a story being told. If one of us says, “Forgive me but I thought...” whatever follows that phrase must be incorporated into the telling of the player’s story.

Example: “Forgive me but I thought we were in Europe when that happened.”

By the end of the night everyone should have told their story multiple times, and probably never the exact same way. At that point, just for kicks, we can draw names, and whoever’s name is drawn is the story the person who drew the name will have to retell, sort of like a game of Telephone. So if you like to spin a tall tale, this is your chance to make it memorable!


If you are inclined to gift-giving, or if you want to celebrate us but can't make it to the event:

  • Artists/makers could honor us with a creation
  • Gardeners could help us diversify our land with something from their own
  • If you’d like to nourish our bellies, Ichiza Kitchen has our heart
  • If you’d like to nourish our minds, you can contribute to our annual jólabókaflóð tradition with an eGift Card to Powell’s Books


Dress however you like! Costumes are great, but so is being comfortable and ready for backyard hangouts. We’ll have a fire going in the fire pit once the sun starts going down, but hey, it’s the PNW. Layers never hurt.